Job Number: 13-114

Pulse Processing Supervisor

Career Type: Grain Industry

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Mountain State

Experience: In order of preference, prefer experience in processing/milling dry peas and lentils, dry beans, grain seed or grain. 2 to 4 years with some supervisory experience.

Salary: Hourly $31k to $45k+

Description: Well established grain and pulse company is seeking a Pulse Processing Supervisor to oversee shift operations in a dry pea and lentil facility. Need 2 to 4 years experience processing or milling the following commodities in order of preference: Dry peas, lentils, dry beans, grain seed or small grains. Hourly pay from $15 to $22 per hour which is a base salary of $31k to $45k before any OT. Full, solid benefits. Nice, remote small town. Must be comfortable in this type of setting. Rocky Mountain State.

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